Thursday, 5 January 2017

Resurrection, Raising from Death, Revival, Spiritual Battles, Death and Walter Wink

I have had the privilege to spiritually accompany a priest who has suddenly died, leaving a local church community in shock and wondering about some of the meanings that could be found in this.

For that community the idea of the battle belonging to the Lord was important in those first few days of grief: as I visited them to offer my sympathies and support I found myself reflecting on the themes that were being explored: Resurrection, Raising from Death, Revival, Spiritual Battles and Death. All of this took my mind to Walter Wink's work on powers and principalities and also to the Charles Wesley hymn, 'Love's Redeeming Work is Done' (basically a set of 5 out of the 10 verses of 'Jesus Christ is Risen Today' without all the 'Alleluias')!

As I talked with some of the community I was invited to go along and say a few words at their next Sunday gathering, I wrote this up and that was, in turn, posted up as a blog on their church site.

Here, for what they are worth are the blogs I prepared on these topics:

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