Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Church's future's female

For males including me
Favoured by structures at C of E
Listen to Clinton who oughtabe in DC
"Future's female": Church ain't where it needs 2b.

That's just me startin' on CofE equality
Coz it's also about  B, A, 'n' M,  and every single E,
And L and G and B and T,
and Q an' U an' I 'n' A 'n' A an' P.

Not enough spaces at the table ya see
and no way to be seated comfortably
coz males 'n' tradition's made W an' A 'n' S n' P
a permanent booking priority

Am I angry at a you no with me
I'm finding my place has complicity
quarter Baghdadi Jewish lends some diversity
Can I find integrity

Had grandpa Sollie gone to Europe not Sydney,
Jewish Shoah would've meant there'd be no me;
"who'll they'll come for";
ain't just a theory.

I want to ask the powers that be
how long the wait for greater liberty
hey, beware the clock reversing key
can ya see can ya see can ya see

Sisters children kinfolk of church and church-to-be
resist all calls for conformity
that'd rip blossom from freedom's tree
of potentiality.

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